Neclos Fortress (ネクロスの要塞) -- also referred to as Necros Fortress and Nekurosu No Yousai -- is a line of monochromatic fantasy-themed mini figures and cards that was sold exclusively in Japan. The line included a game element, and many of its characters are the same as or reminiscent of those found in Dungeons & Dragons, including a wide range of warriors, sorcerers and mythical monsters.

Neclos Fortress figure and card archive

The Neclos Fortress toy line consists of eight different "parts," adding up to a total of over 320 figures and cards. Each part contains a set of hero characters you could play the associated game as, in addition to individual levels full of monsters and other creatures to battle or assist in battle. Click on the links below to see all of the figures and their corresponding card artwork included in each part.

Part 1      Part 2
Part 3      Part 4
Part 5      Part 6
Part 7      Part 8

List of all Neclos figures (no photos)

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Neclos figures and cards were sold by Lotte confectionary company with candy in small boxes (one example of a box is pictured flattened below). For additional background on the line, check out "The Story" section of this site.

A Neclos Fortress video game was created as well, although aside from featuring some of the same characters (of course including Neclos himself), it seems to have little to do with the premise of the toy line. It is a fighting game. Here's a YouTube clip showing the game in action: