Neclos Fortress (ネクロスの要塞) -- also referred to as Necros Fortress and Nekurosu No Yousai -- is a line of monochromatic fantasy-themed mini figures and cards that was sold exclusively in Japan. The line included a game element, and many of its characters are the same as or reminiscent of those found in Dungeons & Dragons, including a wide range of warriors, sorcerers and mythical monsters.

Neclos Fortress: Part Four

Typical figure colors: Turquoise, light purple, pink, light pink, green (lev. 12), orange (lev. 12)
Special features: Color change
Number of sculpts in Part Four (not including companion figures): 40


Berserker [バーサーカ]

Amazon [アマゾン]

Mercenary [マーシナリー]

Elf [エルフ]

Knight [ナイト]

Samurai [侍]

Dwarf [ドワーフ]

Mage [マージ]


Ghost [ゴースト]

Rat-Man [ラットマン]

Spirit [スピリット]

Headon [ヘッドン]

Ghool (Ghoul) [グール]

Gargoyle [ガーゴイル]

Kerberos (Cerberus) [ケルベロス]

Enma (with Gem of Mist--not pictured) [エンマ]

Bealzelb [ベエルゼルブ]

Hephaitos (with God's Sword--not pictured) [ヘパイトス]

Tortn [トートン]


Goblin [ゴブリン]

Pan [パン]

Dreama [ドリーマ]

Lizcorn [リズコーン]

Mephist [メフィスト]

Kentaul (Centaur) [ケンタウル]

Ifreet [イフリート]

Lucifer [ルシファー]

Heavril (with Gem of Cloud--not pictured) [ヘヴライル]

Faust [ファウスト]

Daidalos (with Holy Sword--not pictured) [ダイダロス]


Moai [モアイ]

Wyvern [ワイバーン]

Grifon (Griffin) [グリフォン]

Wraith [レイス]

Necsouth [ネクサウス]

Neceast [ネセースト]

Necwest [ネクエスト]

Necnorth [ネクノース]

Neclos [ネクロス]

Neclaga [ネクラーガ]

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