Neclos Fortress (ネクロスの要塞) -- also referred to as Necros Fortress and Nekurosu No Yousai -- is a line of monochromatic fantasy-themed mini figures and cards that was sold exclusively in Japan. The line included a game element, and many of its characters are the same as or reminiscent of those found in Dungeons & Dragons, including a wide range of warriors, sorcerers and mythical monsters.

Neclos Fortress Photo Gallery

*For photos of individual Neclos Fortress figures along with their corresponding cards, see the links to each of the line's parts (one through eight) on the home page of this site.

Neclos figures, cards & boxes
Neclos & his army of monsters
Two sides of a Neclos box
Two sides of a Neclos box
All eight figures of Neclos himself
Neclos & his henchmen: Hebilos, Onilos, Tacolos, Mechalos, Dekalos, Doclos, Majolos
Part 1-4 hero characters: Samurai, Mercenary, Elf, Amazon, Knight, Berserker, Dwarf, Mage
Part 7 characters with removable "gems": Waka, Elmage, Barbarian, Half Elf, Bushman
Necnorth, Necsouth, Neceast, Necwest
Dragon figures group shot: Dragon Mamy, Newt, Dragon Egg, Dragon, Dragonet, Fire Dragon
Seven Holy Angels (left to right: Camael, Hamiel, Gaburiel, Mikael, Kashiel, Zadokiel, Rafael)
Demons (left to right: Astarot, Bealzelb, Lucifer, Neclaga, Satanachia, Pazuzu)
Sea Monsters (front: Starm, Siren, Mermaid, Man O War, Fish-Man, back: Kraken, Serpent, Simaneki, Ismaus)
Siren & Mermaid
Neclaga in green and orange
Appla & Oranjah
Vampire & Lamia
Robots: BA-9A, AF-4, 9-ZU, Mechalos MK-II
Some Lovecraft-inspired monsters: Cthulhu, Innsmouth, Tsathoggua, Nyarlathotep
Wooper and Rooper
Translucent/transparent figures
Neclos compared with Monster in My Pocket figures: Mummy, Hobgoblin, Medusa, Ghost